Promoting Patricia Area Community Development

imagePACE's Community Development Coordinator strives to assist regional community economic development by working closely with communities to asses local challenges and to look at new ideas and opportunities to strengthen their economies.

We assist to create bright futures for all Patricia Area communities. 



PACE assists communities with the following services:

  • Guidance for funding application processes
  • Proposal writing and development
  • Providing information on Federal and Provincial funding programs
  • Planning and visioning sessions for not-for-profit groups
  • Acting as a proponent



Community groups can also access up to $5000 in funding for projects that fit within specified criteria:

  1. Is there positive regional impact?
  2. Are partnerships present?
  3. Is there broad-based community support?
  4. Is the project new and innovative?
  5. Are there economic benefits?
  6. Is there sufficient funding sources?
  7. Is there sufficient viability and responsibility?
  8. Is there potential to build PACE's profile?
  9. Are there spin-off opportunities?
  10. Is this one-time funding?
  11. Can the project be adapted by other communities?

If your project fits the funding criteria, complete the Local Initiatives Fund application form and send it to the Community Development Coordinator. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail the Coordinator at:

Phone: (807) 221-3293.