Communities: Dryden

Dryden, A Wilderness City

Discover Dryden, the Wilderness City, where families, business and nature grow side by side. Dryden is where the rugged beauty of northwestern Ontario meets the bright lights of city life. It is a vibrant urban community with a population of 8100+, surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of the boreal forest, freshwater lakes and spectacular vistas. We offer something for everyone – the perfect blend of opportunities to raise a family, launch a business or enjoy retirement.

Dryden boasts one of the most dynamic locations in northern Ontario, with healthy economic base, with a large retail and service sector to serve residents and visitors. Situated midway between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay on the Trans Canada Highway, the city is secluded yet well connected by highway, rail, air and a sophisticated wireless network to meet the needs of the most demanding businesses. Inside the city limits you’ll find all the conveniences for a growing family or business – a full service airport, modern communication network, newly expanded health care centre, first class educational facilities and excellent selection of residential properties.

Business adventure exciting and challenging career opportunities in a city abounding in natural beauty Dryden provides industry and business an ideal place to grow. Our Wilderness City offers ample opportunities and incentives to launch a new business or relocate an existing one.

With Dryden’s 2007-2010 Strategic Plan in place focus is on three key objectives; 1) Supporting Primary and Value Added Forest Industry; 2) Encouraging Light Industrial expansion; and 3) Encouraging Regional Mineral Exploration. To commemorate this all important plan Dryden’s Wilderness City will be celebrating their Centennial Year in 2010. Join us and experience all the North has to offer.    

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