Business Resources


Business Resources


We have gathered an extensive collection of online resources to share with you on a wide range of topics to help sources all relevant information when planning and financing a business. Contact us today to learn more by emailing


Fednor - Northern Ontario Development Program

Open to municipalities and Indigenous Communities in NWO

Community Investment Initiative for Northern Ontario (CIINO) (


Ontario Trillium Foundation Grants

Resilient Communities Fund Resources

Community Investment Grants

Youth Opportunities Fund

Community Building Fund

Third-Party  and Other Funders


Small Business Center Ontario - Web Events


Funding and Assistance in new programs
Next Level Program with NWO Innovation Centre


New Business and Business Plans
Steps to starting a business and how to create a business plan


Trailblazer program from Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre
The Trail Blazer program is a program for early-stage startups. The program is designed to take you through the necessary steps to identify your market and validate your idea.


BDC - Steps to Starting a Business or Buying a Business


Business Plan Essentials – Start Up Planning


Government of Canada's Business Benefits Finder

PARO & GoForth Institute Online Education


Money & Finance Resources:
Finance Resources from BDC


Small & Medium Enterprises
NOW Program - for small to medium enterprises


Small Business/Entrepreneurial Resources from BDC


Business Toolkit & Assessment


Financial survival techniques for entrepreneurs


Innovator Membership Program


Tips for Entrepreneurs - How to thrive in tough times


Business Women and Young Entrepreneurs:
Enterprising Indigenous Women


Business to Business (B2B) Vendor Database - PARO


Resources from BDC for young entrepreneurs


Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Soft Landing: Scale From Home program


Digital Main Street - Future Proof
Digital Main Street - Transforming Bricks-and-Mortar | Digital Main Street