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Patricia Area Community Endeavours Inc. (PACE) is a Community Futures Development Corporation committed to encouraging local community and economic development by assisting community groups and entrepreneurs.

Through small business loans, non-profit funding, business counseling, and support, PACE provides the tools required to build a brighter economic future in the Patricia Region.

PACE serves communities and businesses within the Patricia Region. This area includes Dryden, Eagle Lake First Nation, Ignace, Lac Seul First Nation, Machin, Pickle Lake, Sioux Lookout, and Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation; and all areas in between.

PACE provides community groups and business owners with services designed to help them succeed. These services include:

  • Business advice, counseling, support, and information.
  • Access to capital for small business.
  • Strategic community planning and development.
  • Regional community economic development.
  • Access to public and private funding for community organizations.

Mission Statement

Patricia Area Community Endeavours (PACE) is a regional organization committed to social and economic development. PACE strives to be an effective community partner In regional initiatives, pursuing the following:

  1. To develop each community's economic potential
    • By assisting business and training partners with employment adjustment and training needs.
    • By providing loans to new and existing businesses in the region.
    • By managing the community-owned loan portfolio In the best Interest of the region.
  2. To assist local and regional development strategies that:
    • Reflect and reinforce strategic plans adopted by municipalities and organizations of the area served by PACE.
    • Can be used as input to future plans.
  3. To enhance the organization's profile both within the area served by the organization and beyond the boundaries of that area.
  4. To develop and strengthen both ongoing partnerships and working relationships which move the organization toward fulfillment of its goals.
  5. To establish and maintain information linkages with other agencies and organizations that have common interests and concerns.
  6. Promote entrepreneurship and economic development within the PACE catchment area.

Values Statement

PACE believes in:

  • Conducting business with integrity in an open-minded approachable environment;
  • Being innovative and receptive to changes;
  • Acting in the best interest of organizations, small businesses and communities;
  • Making decisions based on regional community organizations and business issues and needs.

Areas Served

PACE MapPACE services only communities and businesses within the Patricia Region.

This area includes the City of Dryden; the Municipalities of Ignace, Machin, and Sioux Lookout; the Town of Pickle Lake; the First Nation communities of Eagle Lake, Lac Seul and Wabigoon Lake; and all areas in between.

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If you have any questions, or are interested in our services, please fill out our online form on the Contact Us page. We would be pleased to assist you with your business development.