Communities: Lac Seul First Nation

Lac Seul First Nation, A Growing Community


Situated 38 km northwest of Sioux Lookout, Lac Seul is one of the largest Indian Reserves in the Treaty #3 region in Northwestern Ontario. Surrounded to the north and east by Lac Seul Lake, Lac Seul is comprised of three individual communities: Kejick Bay, Whitefish Bay, and Frenchman's Head.

In the early 1900's, Lac Seul Lake was the main transportation route, bringing food to the several residents of the area. In 1929, Ontario Hydro constructed a dam nearby at Ear Falls to produce hydro electricity. As a result, Lac Seul Lake was flooded, causing Kejick Bay to become an island.

The area's primary economy at the time was based on fishing and trapping. In recent years, Lac Seul has developed, adding tourism as a growing source of revenue. Fishing lodges are popular among visitors from across Canada and the US, as Lac Seul Lake offers the finest in fishing.

With an eye on the future, many community, cultural, health and business development projects are in the works, making this area a desirable area for families and businesses.

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