The Small Business Incubator Program was a huge success, and all funds allocated to this piece of the program has NOW CLOSED.

Empowering Growth

A Successful Launch

PACE launched the Small Business Incubator program in early 2022.  The commitment to support Entrepreneurs in the area has successfully brought three small business owners to the PACE facility and into the Incubator program. The program aims to provide affordable workspace alongside an opportunity for on-site skill development, business training, and access to the full complement of business counselling services.

PACE has recently introduced the Incubator participants and is happy to give each business a store front location. Signage is now dawning the window area of the PACE facility announcing their presence.  The workspace at the PACE office offers the entrepreneur an accessible place to grow their business in its early stages of development.

Plans are coming together to provide a series of seminars this summer.  All the sessions will be virtual, we will be partnering with other CFDCs in Red Lake, Kenora and Fort Frances to ensure that we get a large turnout to each event.  For schedules of the seminars, be sure to check out Events Calendar on our Home Page.


PACE Small Business Incubator

Empowering Growth

 What is the PACE Small Business Incubator Program?

The Small Business Incubator program at Patricia Area Community Endeavours Inc aims to provide new or existing small business owners within PACE's catchment area with access to a subsidized workspace alongside an opportunity to participate in skill development and business training designed to facilitate accelerated business success and networking ability for a 12-month duration.

The workspace at the PACE office offers the entrepreneur a place to grow their business in its early stages of development. The program encompasses training in a variety of business topics for participants to maximize their potential. It also offers the participant access to the PACE Business Mentorship program that new or existing entrepreneurs/small business owners [Mentees] are paired with established business owners [Mentors] to learn and benefit from their experience.

PACE Program Goals

  • Provide the necessary in-house resources and services to support the entrepreneur in development
  • That at the end of the 12-month period the business owner will be prepared to move into their own space. 
  • To strengthen the business' success by assisting the entrepreneur to develop business skills and increase knowledge through training, networking, workshops, and events
  • Provide opportunities for new business owners to benefit from the knowledge and experience of more experienced business owners/ professionals

Eligibility Criteria

  • The entrepreneur/ business applying for assistance is to be located or proposing to locate within PACE's designated catchment area.
  • Demonstrates potential for job creation or jobs maintained.
  • The entrepreneur or business owner has a personal investment.
  • There is some reasonable expectation that the proposed business enterprise or employment venture will become viable and self-sustaining.
  • The enterprise is suitable for public funding (i.e., not involving the commercial exploitation of sex, religion, politics, or illegal activities).
  • The business is suitable for operation from within the office style environment.


  • The Program Coordinator is the point of contact and facilitator of the incubation program.
  • The interested entrepreneur / new business owner is required to fill out an application form requesting participation.
  • Agreement to the terms outlined by PACE's Policy and office space agreement taking is required prior to program commencement
  • Accepted participants will work with the Program Coordinator to determine the training and development process considering the stage of the enterprise and what skills the participant is seeking to improve
  • Accepted participants must sign a confidentiality agreement, Offer to Participate and the Workspace Agreement prior to commencement.