Remote Access

Remote Access Program

The Final Summary

The Remote Access to Technology grant was part of an agreement between PACE and FEDNOR’s Regional Economic Growth through Innovation Program it debuted in early 2021.

The Remote Access to Technology was a huge success, and all funds allocated to this piece of the program has NOW CLOSED.

In summary the businesses within PACE’s catchment area were confronted with the need to have all or part of their daily work  done remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was acknowledged that businesses were working remotely to stay viable. PACE  subsidized the costs for remote communication services as well as assisted businesses requiring this and other available technology, to adopt their businesses in new, innovative ways.

Recipients of the program received their funds, PACE  tracked the effectiveness of the program and is happy to deem the program a success.



What is the PACE Remote Access to Technology Program?

To assist small business ventures in scaling up their online/ digital presence in new and innovative ways. Examples include but are not limited to establishing or enhancing internet services, web hosting support, consultation services to transition to an online business platform; website and e-store development, communication services or software, accounting software or POS systems and their components that will facilitate business survival and growth.  This will be distributed as a non repayable contribution.

The maximum contribution allowance per business is $1000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be an active business with a business number with CRA.
  • Must operate the business within PACE’s catchment area.
  • The request must be related to a shift to online operation or a technological enhancement that will advance the business development
  • a quotation for the service /product is required.

If you are interested in applying for the Remote Access to Technology program please complete the application, and submit via email to the Program Coordinator, 


Remote Access Application