Get Expert Help from our PACE Mentors

The business Mentorship program directly supports entrepreneurs and small business owners by sharing their knowledge and experience, provides support, and assist participants as they network and build their business.

The mentorship program aims to match incubator participants and mentees to Mentors in areas of needed growth, field of work.  Mentors aid in the informal transmission of knowledge, including networking events and share information about professional development opportunities.



Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Mentorship Program at Patricia Area Community Endeavours Inc. is designed to educate and support business owners and enhance entrepreneurship in the community. PACE mentoring is a free service offered to new small business owners or to anyone who wants to start a business. Partnering with you one-on-one, PACE mentors support your success through offering experienced advice, consulting on best practices, and educating on small business topics.

PACE mentors bring years of business experience, many of them successful small business owners themselves. Mentors volunteer through PACE to help other entrepreneurs like you, by sharing their real-world experience and share their strong understanding of business planning and knowledge in running successful small businesses.

PACE mentors will not make decisions for you or complete important ownership tasks on your behalf. They also cannot provide tax or legal advice. However, PACE mentors can provide clear guidance on what your options are so you can confidently make decisions and take positive action toward your own success.

PACE mentoring sessions are collaborative meetings between the small business owner and the PACE mentor. During these sessions, you can share your business goals, progress, challenges and questions. Our mentors will offer advice, resources, and insights so you gain clarity on your next best steps.

PACE mentoring sessions are typically scheduled for an hour and can be held virtually, through online meetings, phone calls, and even through email exchanges. While mentoring sessions have goals and objectives, the partnership is informal and informational with your assigned mentor.

A PACE mentoring relationship lasts as long as you need it. Typically, our mentors will sign on with PACE for a 3 month duration, and the sessions conducted achieve a specific goal or overcome a particular challenge.

The only criteria required to apply to be a mentee is to be an entrepreneur, new or existing businessperson interested in receiving business advise and guidance geared towards building confidence, gaining knowledge, and facilitating growth.

You must be willing to communicate regularly with a Mentor over a defined period

  • Be committed to the promotion, planning, and building of your business
  • Understand that you are responsible for your business success
  • Be willing to participate in the following up and tracking procedure with the Program Coordinator
  • Actively participate in networking opportunities offered

The PACE Business Mentorship Program goals are simple:

  • To educate and support business owners by assisting the entrepreneur to develop business skills and increase knowledge
  • To provide the necessary resources to strengthen businesses
  • To strengthen the regional business sector over the long term by implementing good business practices
  • The opportunity to facilitate knowledge transfer from more experienced professionals