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The business Mentorship program directly supports entrepreneurs and small business owners by sharing their knowledge and experience, provides support, and assist participants as they network and build their business.

PACE has recently accepted several mentorship applications for both the, Mentor/Mentee program. The mentorship program aims to match incubator participants to Mentors in areas of needed growth, field of work, and personality fit.  Mentors aid in the informal transmission of knowledge, including networking events and share information about professional development opportunities.

We would be delighted to receive you as either a Mentor or a Mentee.  For additional information see below the application form and a summary of the program.


PACE Business Mentorship


What is the PACE Business Mentorship Program?

The Business Mentorship Program at Patricia Area Community Endeavours Inc. is designed to educate and support business owners and enhance entrepreneurship in the community. It provides resources and opportunities for interested entrepreneurs and small business owners [Mentees] to learn and benefit from the experience of established business owners [Mentors]

Starting out on a new venture can be an overwhelming undertaking, leaving entrepreneurs wondering where to start and what’s important. Learning from a Mentor can be a mutually beneficial experience for both parties and an important element in a new business’ success. By imparting their knowledge and expertise, Mentors can provide support and encouragement to new entrepreneurs which can help them remain focused on the business strategy and priority of each step. Through the PACE Mentorship Program business owners who are less experienced can gain insights and the necessary business, interpersonal and networking skills to increase their profitability and maximize their potential.

The mentoring relationship is intended to last a period of three months and may involve the Mentor and Mentee visiting each other’s place of business, and / or the Mentor and Mentee meeting virtually or via telephone.

Program Goals

  • To educate and support business owners by assisting the entrepreneur to develop business skills and increase knowledge
  • To provide the necessary resources to strengthen businesses
  • To strengthen the regional business sector over the long term by implementing good business practices
  • The opportunity to facilitate knowledge transfer from more experienced professionals

Eligibility Criteria Mentors

The Mentor volunteer pool will include individuals who have a strong understanding of business planning and operations and are interested in entrepreneurship.

Their Role and responsibilities include: 

  • Willingness to communicate regularly with their Mentee over a defined period – typically three months
  • Be willing to participate in the follow up and tracking procedure with the Program Coordinator

Eligibility Criteria Mentees

  • Be an entrepreneur, new, or existing businessperson interested in receiving business advice and guidance geared towards building confidence, gaining knowledge, and facilitating growth
  • Be willing to communicate regularly with their Mentor over a defined period
  • Be committed to the promotion, planning, and building of your business
  • Understand that you are responsible for your business success
  • Be willing to participate in the follow up and tracking procedure with the Program Coordinator
  • Actively participate in networking opportunities offered

Program Structure

  • Mentors and Mentees must agree to the terms outlined by PACE’s policy before starting the mentoring process
  • Monthly communication between the Program Coordinator, Mentor and Mentee will be conducted to track progress using a provided template
  • Mentors are prohibited from gaining personal or commercial benefit from their work with the Mentee
  • Mentors and Mentees will sign a confidentiality agreement

If you are interested in participating in the program please complete the appropriate application form.

Please email to Program Coordinator

Mentorship Application

Application for Mentees